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Published on:

9th Nov 2020

Dr Iona Bramati shares her story and her determination to support children with Autism

Thank you for listening to my podcast with Dr Iona Bramati-Castellarin. 

Dr Iona Bramati- Castellarin - PhD BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. DO, ND - Dr Iona graduated in Osteopathy and Naturopathy from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM). She set up a private practice in London which she has been running ever since. At IBC care Dr Bramati sees a wide variety of patients with a particular focus on paediatrics – Autistic Children. 

Immediately upon graduating, Dr Bramati took a role as a team member of the Osteopathic Centre for Children – London working as an osteopath treating new-born babies, children and mothers post-labour. She was also part of the osteopathic team on call at St. Johns and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital – Birthing Unit, led by the gynaecologist consultant, Dr. Yehudi Gordon. 

She then went on to further her studies attending numerous post-graduate courses in cranial and structural and visceral osteopathy. She has recently embarked on further training with the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine to further her knowledge on the application of the integrative and holistic approach to chronic diseases. 

In 2006 she started a PhD research project at the University of Westminster-London/UK, in conjunction with BCOM, on the Effects of Visceral Osteopathy on Autistic Children. The project was granted collaboration with King’s College Hospital, London and was endorsed by The National Autistic Society – London (NAS) and sponsored by the British Naturopathic and Osteopathic Association. 

In 2014, Dr Bramati was awarded the Elsevier/International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research New Researcher Prize – ICAOR10 for her research into treating autistic children using visceral osteopathic techniques. 

She has been a lecturer in national and international institutions such as UCO – University College of Osteopathy (UK) and SOMA – Istituto Osteopatia in Milan (Italy), as well as national and international conferences. 

Further professional activities have included being the facilitator and an organiser of an international conference ICAOR10 Sao Paulo – Brazil, 2014. 

Dr Bramati was also involved in facilitating the Brazilian Register of Osteopaths with the inclusion of international osteopaths in the Olympics Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

You can find Dr Iona on the following social media platforms: 


Instagram: @ibccare 



Twitter: @ibccare 

Thank you again, Dr Iona for joining me on the show.



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