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9th Mar 2020

Pheobe Liebling's Personal Story - becoming a Nutritional Therapist

Thank you for listening to Phoebe Liebling's personal story. She has an inspiring account on why she became a Registered Nutritional Therapist. She also has many tips to share on how she works with her clients and information on how to grow a successful holistic healthcare practice.

Phoebe is a Registered Nutritional Therapist based on London’s Harley Street but also has a rapidly growing international client base. Her areas of clinical expertise are numerous but she has specific interest in the influence of our environment on our wellbeing, and the multifaceted relationship between the nervous system, stress response, digestive health and chronic disease.

In addition to her work as a private clinician Phoebe acts as a Nutritional Consultant for numerous brands and companies, offering services from product and recipe development through to writing educational material and delivering presentations. 

She also runs a popular mentoring programme for other practitioners, helping with clinical confidence, growing a referral network, and other elements of running one’s own practice. 

Examples of Phoebe’s dedication to offering an education as to how our dietary choices affect our health can be found on her website ( which boasts a wealth of her recipes, as well as informative articles on and lifestyle topics. 

Phoebe mentioned Motion Nutrition on the podcast so you can find more details on this interesting company here: (

For more information on Raw Vibrant Living and for a peak at one of Phoebe’s blogs, click here: (

If you would like to see all of the lovely products Biona provide you can go to their website: ( 

If you have a need for a tasty raw chocolate bar you can check out OmBar on: ( 

If you would like to read the book, “Stress Proof” by MIthou Storoni you can find it on Amazon (

You can find further information on Enlightenment Planners here: (

Please note, the above links and any information shared on the podcast or in these show notes are for reference only and not to be considered as advice. 

The Natural Healthcare Network is also hosting events. We have our first event Saturday, 19th September 2020 at Engineers House in Bristol. We will be discussing the Multifaceted Effect of Gut Health on Clinical Outcomes. We are very excited to announce we have Dr Alan Desmond, Dr Elisabeth Philipps and Tanya Borowski joining us on the day so please pencil this in your diary. We will provide further details soon. 

We are also pleased to announce that Genova Diagnostics have agreed to sponsor our event. They provide a variety of comprehensive, innovative clinical tests. For further information on diagnostic testing you can click here: (

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Here’s to your good health! 

Deb MacLeod 

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