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1st Dec 2019

Saba James, Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Below are links to companies & organisations discussed in the podcast: & - live early December 2019

If you would like to find out more information on Social Prescribing in the United Kingdom you can go here for details:  

Social Activities they have supportive services in Bristol / North Somerset / South Gloucestershire 

St Monica’s Trust: 

The Exercise Club: 

Bristol Ageing Better: 

Wellbeing Therapies hub:

Favourite Chocolate: 

Raw Halo Pure: 

Primal flow movement:


Move with Mya Animal Flow parts 1, 2, 3:

Meg Linton Primal Yoga 35 mins (more advanced):

Love Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel:

Fitness blender - great for workouts at home: 

eFit30 grt for pilates, primal movement, dance, yoga, cardio:  

Body Groove: App fun for simple, playful dance.

Bush Davies School of Theatre:

English National Ballet: 

University of the West of England: 

College of Naturopathic Medicine: 

Please note, the above links are shared for reference only and not to be deemed as advice. 

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Deb MacLeod 

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Hello there. I am a qualified Nutritionist based in the United Kingdom. I am registered with BANT & CNHC. These podcasts are primarily for people in the natural healthcare industry to support, collaborate, educate and inspire one another.

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